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Yo that link be busted. And what's up with no updates? We thought you was lost.

*People are always telling you what to do, but what's right for them may not be right for you.

I just wanted to comment & say keep up the quality work.Thanks a lot for sharing. You have done a brilliant job. Your article is truly relevant to my study at this moment, and I am really happy to read it.

Does it not depend on the method by which the $100/$120 is paid? Someone who values their time is more likely to settle for $100 instantly rather than go out of their way in 3 days' time to pick up an extra $20... once the subject has to go away and come back to pick up money, it makes little difference how long they have to wait so they opt for more. So they're willing to give up $20 to avoid wasting time in the future - would that make sense?

your emphasis on the sample size and demographics.Youre forgetting that a survey of news watchers is going to relate to demographics of news watchers and not demos of non news watchers.
Damn I was hoping my anti anxiety meds suggestion could be a magical fix! And thank you for the kind words about my Grandmother, that means a lot.

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